Ealing Jazz Festival

Revealed: The Best Food and Drinks to Bring to a Festival

Festivals are fun—you get to meet new people, try something new, enjoy the music, and eat a lot! Speaking of which, there’s no doubt that most stalls sell expensive food and drinks–heck, even a bottle of water can be costly! We can’t blame the stalls for selling overpriced food, though, especially since festivals don’t happen every week and their edibles and refreshments are usually unique.

Now, what if you’re almost broke, but you still want to attend a festival? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you, and that’s to…

Bring your own food!

You’ve read it right. Don’t think of it as a burden; deem it as a way to convenience and practicality! Plus, doing so will enable you to save!

Ealing Jazz FestivalYou don’t have to carry a lot of heavy food or quick-to-rot food. All you have to do is select the right type of food and drinks to keep you nourished and give you the energy you need! Of course, before you pack, check if the festival allows outside food to be brought in during the festival. Otherwise, you have three choices: a) don’t attend the festival, b) attend but don’t spend more than half of the money in your wallet, or c) attend but starve.

Remember to keep your food and drinks in a cool bag or box, and separate the food that has liquids.

Ready for the big reveal? Here we go!

  • Energy Bar Snack Beans – Beans in easy-to-pull cans are perfect to bring because they’re handy and cheap!
  • Cereal, Chocolate, and Energy Bars – They’re light, cheap, and are great sources of sugar, which gives the body energy. Bring them in packs!
  • Crackers – Crackers come with different toppings, giving you a plethora of choices. They’re also light and tasty, making them ideal to bring to a festival.
  • Dried fruits – Healthy and yummy! What more can I say?
  • Homemade cakes – Pack these in Tupperware or foil.
  • Homemade juice – Make your own juice at home and indulge in a healthful and refreshing beverage! Juicing has tons of benefits, read more here!

Cold Pressed Juice

  • Meat – Cook them on a barbecue on the first day.
  • Nuts – They are not only good for the heart, but their flavors also vary and they’re excellent for sharing.
  • Spaghetti – Get energized with noodles. People say they give long life (so you can attend more festivals).
  • Spreads – Pack on-the-go peanut-butters and jams—you’ll never know when they can be handy.
  • Water – Bring your own plastic bottle of water. You’ll be surprised by how expensive they can be in festivals!

Reminder: Don’t bring water glasses to a festival; they can lead to injuries once broken. You wouldn’t want to leave the festival with bottle scars, would you?