Remember These When You’re In A Festival


Whether you’re going to a large music festival or a small town festival, it doesn’t hurt to be fully prepared.

Remember these when you’re in a festival:

Pack lightly.

Festivals are usually packed when it comes to tourists, as well as packed when it comes to spaces; hence, the need for you to pack lightly. This is for you to move freely around, despite the crowd of tourists; and for you to not get tired easily, despite the crowd in spaces. Only pack what you need like a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, as well as a spotting scope (check this out when buying a spotting scope) to keep yourself habituated throughout the event.

Don’t push yourself.

And by this, it means pushing yourself to come up front. Some festivals go with a first come, first serve principle. If you keep pushing yourself to come first, you will only make a commotion with those who are already there. If you also keep pushing yourself to come first, you will only make bigger commotions with those who are having trouble there. You don’t want to be caught in a fistfight, as well as involved in a stampede, do you?

Clean as you go.

Just like in any other events, one should make it a point to clean up before leaving the venue. And no, it doesn’t mean you should clean up the entire place after the festival. But yes, it means you should clean up your own waste after the festival. This isn’t to stop yourself from getting charged over environmental law violations a place might have for non-locals, but to set an example for other festival goers – both locals and non-locals – on the importance of keeping the surroundings clean for everyone.

Most of all, have fun.

Festivals are meant to make people from all walks of life come together as one family. Festivals are also meant to unite people from all corners of the world in one event. Most of all, festivals are meant for people from all walks of life and for people from all corners of the world to have fun like no other. Smile and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Sing and dance like never before. And once more, have fun like no other.

Do you have any other tips and ideas when in a festival? Let us know in the comments section below!

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