Your Pool Opens Amazing Doors for Sports

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Are you a skillful swimmer? Have you joined swimming competitions?  Oh, well swimming is a fantastic skill that everyone wishes to have.  It’s good to note that swimming can be learned. Your pool could be your best training ground for you to become a fantastic competitive swimmer. Absolutely! You can best hone your swimming prowess as you aim to display the individual medley. What I mean are the four strokes in swimming, namely the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.

There’s so much fun in the pool. Your backyard swimming hangout is a perfect avenue to practice your strokes. Keep your swimming styles impressive as you are assured of swimming in a clean and healthy pool.  Your best above ground pool cleaner will do amazing things for you and won’t let you down. Choose the best automatic pool cleaner for a more enjoyable and fulfilling swimming practice.

You can devote your amazing time in your pool for training and performance focus.  Your pool could be the perfect place to practice your swimming technique.  Your aquatic facility will allow you to master the skills and techniques of swimming.

Swimming as a sport is a highly rewarding physical activity. Hence, it is important to practice more.  Your backyard pool can do you a great deal on this. It could optimize your opportunity to master the fantastic movements of swimming.

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Executing in front of many people is requires confident strokes. Hence, as a competitive swimmer you have to  master your basic skills. The more you practice the closer you are to reach the finish line quickly. Practice makes perfect as they say. Your pool workouts really help and are an advantage.

The workout is indeed made credible when your pool is always stunningly clean. It matters a lot for you are doing a strenuous activity, hence a healthy surrounding has to abound. Your pool opens amazing doors for sports if its cleanliness is maintained. It is kept safe  and always available as it  provides the necessary training just right in your backyard.  Your pool supplies have to include the automatic pool cleaner so you can best practice in a crystal clear water in the pool.

Watch this video and learn helpful tips on pool cleaning.

Swim more  for it’s one of the powerful forms of exercise.  Practice more and improve your confidence in the pool.Your backyard pool or above ground pool will help you swim like an Olympian!

Rio 2016 Olympics Archery Highlights

What used to be a tool for bringing home food is now used for bringing medals and honor to the homeland.

1980 Olympics

As one of the earliest sports in Olympics, archery first appeared in the Olympic Games in 1900 held at Bois de Vincennes, Paris, followed in 1904, 1908 and 1920. After its absence of 52 years, it was contested again in 1972 to the present.

The archery events at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were held over a seven-day period from August 6-12. Four events took place and all were staged at the famous home of carnival celebration -Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí.

All four events used recurve archery, under the World Archery-approved 70 meter distance and rules. A total of 128 athletes from 56 nations competed for each event (men’s individual, women’s individual, men’s team and women’s team) with South Korea and Chinese Taipei having the most delegates, each having 6 members.

After the grueling seven day competition, one nation emerged as the over-all champion. South Korea dominated all four events, winning a total of five medals with 4 gold and 1 bronze. United States followed with a total of two medals. Germany, France, and Russia were tied at 3rd place while Australia and Chinese Taipei landed in 6th place.

The South Korea Men’s Team was comprised of Ku Bon-chan, Lee Seung-yun, and Kim Woo-jin while the Women’s Team consisted of Chang Hye-jin, Choi Mi-sun, and Ki Bo-bae. Both teams won gold medals. Ku Bon-chan is the first South Korean to receive an Olympic gold medal in Men’s Individual category while Chang Hye-jin is the eight South Korean to win the Olympic gold in the Women’s Individual category. This winning streak of the South Korea’s archers is nothing new since they also won majority of the archery events during the London 2012 Olympics.

Until today, the most well-known archer in the Olympic history is Hubert Van Innis of Belgium. He competed in 1900 and 1920, where he won six gold and three silver medals.

Being a world-class archer is not that easy. If you are aspiring to be one of the champion marksmen, find out first the best bow and event for you. There are many recurve and compound bow reviews you can search, as well as resources that are essential for your practice.

Spectacular Festivals From Around the World

There are many popular and unique festivals across the globe worth seeing at least once in your travels. These celebrations are tourist attractions in their own right. They manage to draw thousands of crowds who come mainly to experience the revelries. If you are looking for some of the most awe-inspiring festivals from around the world, you can start with the following:

Burning Man, USA


Burning Man is dubbed as an “experiment in community and art” (Wikipedia) that draws thousands of people to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It is there that the said experimental community is temporarily set up for the event. The festival is a hub for arts, performances, and interactive experiences that immerse participants into the creative vibe.

Día de Muertos, Mexico


If you think Day of the Dead is scary, think again. In Mexico, Día de Muertos or Day of the Day is a festival the likes of which can’t be seen in many parts of the world. It is usually celebrated on the first and second day of November. It is a time when people gather with their families to honor their dearly departed. The festive atmosphere is highlighted by vivid costumes, images of skulls and skeletons, scary looking but scrumptious foods, and celebrations not just in cemeteries but also in streets.

Glastonbury, UK


Glastonbury Festival is a big event that spans five days. It is an extravaganza of contemporary performing arts that takes place in Somerset. While popular for music, the event also showcases a wide array of performances such as comedy, dance, and theatre among many others. This outdoor festival draws has been known to attract 175,000 attendees to date.

La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina is a spectacular celebration in Buñol, Spain. As the name suggests, thousands who gather to participate in this event end up playing with approximately over a hundred kilograms of tomatoes dumped by several trucks at the venue. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun by diving into the mounds of tomatoes and throw them at other participants.

Oktoberfest, Germany


Oktoberfest deserves a spot in your itinerary if you are in Munich, Germany towards the end of September to the first week of October. Millions of people actually travel to the city to experience the festival. This sixteen-day event is a great time to celebrate a love for the best tasting beer in a country famous for its finest brews.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil


The Carnaval is a world-renowned event that draws locals and tourists by the thousands in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. It is colorful, fun, and exciting. Expect breathtaking floats and costumes that add to the atmosphere of revelry that pervades the festival.