Top 5 Uses of an Oscillating Tool


Originally invented in the sixties to get rid of plaster casts from broken limbs safely and fast, this tool has been used for woodworking for the first time during the nineties.

Nowadays, this handyman tool is one of the most regarded power tools because of its versatility. Its accessories vary depending on whether you’ll cut, grind, scrape, polish, or sand. The oscillating tool can even slice through different materials including plastic, metal, fiberglass, drywall, wood, mortar, and cement.

The next section will tackle the most popular uses of this tool.

Top 5 Uses

Make flush cuts in drywall, wood, and metal

This tool can cut wood, drywall, and metal easily with a half-moon blade. You’ll even be in awe of how well and easy the cut is. Because of the increased surface area of the blade, you can hold the tool straight to a line while making a cut.

Prepare the floor

Installing a new floor? No problem! The flush-cutting blade on your oscillating tool can slice through the doorjambs quickly! Using a scrap of flooring as a guide, this tool can create straight and clean cuts to help you place the new flooring quicker.

Cut pipes

If you use the right blade, you can even cut through plastic, copper, and old galvanized metal pipes with this versatile tool! It’s even possible for you to operate in narrow spaces like the inner parts of cabinets, under the floors, behind walls, and in ceilings. Thanks to the compact design of this tool and the adjustable blade that can work in various angles!

Sand wood

Oscillating tools can be used to smoothen wood and wood fillers as long as they are used with the appropriate sanding attachment. They can even clear up overcoat finishes. What you’ll love about the accessories is that they can accept hook-and-loop abrasives, which make it easier for you to change the sandpaper once it’s overused.

A large triangular-shaped pad is the most famous smoothing accessory. It’s efficient in sanding flat and wide surfaces. Of course, there are also narrow and pointed sanding accessories to help you smooth tight cracks and corners.

Remove old paint

An oscillating tool can also be used to get rid of loose and bulging paint. All you have to do is fix a steel scraper blade to your multitool. After removing the paint, you can use a sanding pad to smooth the wood or metal below. When you sand, remember to use a rough-grit abrasive first, then switch gradually to finer ones until you attain the level of smoothness you want. Clearly, this tool can do much more than you think.

If you don’t own an oscillating tool yet, I suggest you check out the top picks on the market today before you purchase one.

Spectacular Festivals From Around the World

There are many popular and unique festivals across the globe worth seeing at least once in your travels. These celebrations are tourist attractions in their own right. They manage to draw thousands of crowds who come mainly to experience the revelries. If you are looking for some of the most awe-inspiring festivals from around the world, you can start with the following:

Burning Man, USA


Burning Man is dubbed as an “experiment in community and art” (Wikipedia) that draws thousands of people to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It is there that the said experimental community is temporarily set up for the event. The festival is a hub for arts, performances, and interactive experiences that immerse participants into the creative vibe.

Día de Muertos, Mexico


If you think Day of the Dead is scary, think again. In Mexico, Día de Muertos or Day of the Day is a festival the likes of which can’t be seen in many parts of the world. It is usually celebrated on the first and second day of November. It is a time when people gather with their families to honor their dearly departed. The festive atmosphere is highlighted by vivid costumes, images of skulls and skeletons, scary looking but scrumptious foods, and celebrations not just in cemeteries but also in streets.

Glastonbury, UK


Glastonbury Festival is a big event that spans five days. It is an extravaganza of contemporary performing arts that takes place in Somerset. While popular for music, the event also showcases a wide array of performances such as comedy, dance, and theatre among many others. This outdoor festival draws has been known to attract 175,000 attendees to date.

La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina is a spectacular celebration in Buñol, Spain. As the name suggests, thousands who gather to participate in this event end up playing with approximately over a hundred kilograms of tomatoes dumped by several trucks at the venue. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun by diving into the mounds of tomatoes and throw them at other participants.

Oktoberfest, Germany


Oktoberfest deserves a spot in your itinerary if you are in Munich, Germany towards the end of September to the first week of October. Millions of people actually travel to the city to experience the festival. This sixteen-day event is a great time to celebrate a love for the best tasting beer in a country famous for its finest brews.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil


The Carnaval is a world-renowned event that draws locals and tourists by the thousands in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. It is colorful, fun, and exciting. Expect breathtaking floats and costumes that add to the atmosphere of revelry that pervades the festival.