5 Weed Festivals Every Pothead Would Love

Seattle Hempfest

As the largest annual marijuana festival in the planet, the Seattle Hempfest is an event in August you shouldn’t miss if you’re a cannabis advocate.


This once a year outdoor event began in 1991, and it was referred to as the Washington Hemp Expo back then. That year, only 20 volunteer staffs worked to make the event possible, and only 500 stoners attended the festival. Now, you’ll be glad to know that over 200,000 has attended this year’s festival!

This three-day weed festival has turned from a small get-together into a gigantic, professional affair that brings people together in one place. It’s amazing how cannabis can unite people of different ages and genders in a single location for one reason!

4/20 Denver


The term “420” is used by a lot of sites like Grow for 420 as it has been associated with weed ever since most of us could recall. In Colorado, however, 4/20 or April 20 is a spectacular day of celebration. It gathers thousands of people in a city park and allows them to live it up and enjoy their freedom.

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National Cannabis Festival

Another weed festival on April? Why not? This occurs in Washington, D.C. two days after the 4/20 Denver festival. Bands like Talib Kweli, Kenyatta Hill, and Backyard Band play at the RFK Stadium in this one-day fiesta.

It also features an Education Pavilion, Vendor Fair, and Experience Zones which can be easily accessed. It’s one hell of a festival in Washington that you don’t want to miss!

Hash Bash


Ann Arbor doesn’t want to be left behind too! The city’s annual Hash Bash has been around since 1971, and back then marijuana wasn’t even legal. Ann Arbor is known to be one of America’s liberated cities, which makes the event even more interesting and fun. The only problem is that it’s held at the University of Michigan, and the school doesn’t allow pot possession on campus. But you can always possess pot outside the school!


High Times Cannabis Cup So-Cal

This fun festival that runs from April 21-23 is conducted at the California Orange Showgrounds in the commercial city of San Bernardino. At the entrance, you’ll be asked to show your identification card and proof of age. That’s to avoid minors (18 years old and younger) from entering the showground. However, medical marijuana patients under 18 years of age are allowed to proceed to designated spots for patients with a medical cannabis card. In this festival, you can’t bring pets, alcohol, weapons, and skateboards. But who cares? You’re allowed to carry legally allowed amounts of weed anyway!