5 Weed Festivals Every Pothead Would Love

Seattle Hempfest

As the largest annual marijuana festival in the planet, the Seattle Hempfest is an event in August you shouldn’t miss if you’re a cannabis advocate.


This once a year outdoor event began in 1991, and it was referred to as the Washington Hemp Expo back then. That year, only 20 volunteer staffs worked to make the event possible, and only 500 stoners attended the festival. Now, you’ll be glad to know that over 200,000 has attended this year’s festival!

This three-day weed festival has turned from a small get-together into a gigantic, professional affair that brings people together in one place. It’s amazing how cannabis can unite people of different ages and genders in a single location for one reason!

4/20 Denver


The term “420” is used by a lot of sites like Grow for 420 as it has been associated with weed ever since most of us could recall. In Colorado, however, 4/20 or April 20 is a spectacular day of celebration. It gathers thousands of people in a city park and allows them to live it up and enjoy their freedom.

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National Cannabis Festival

Another weed festival on April? Why not? This occurs in Washington, D.C. two days after the 4/20 Denver festival. Bands like Talib Kweli, Kenyatta Hill, and Backyard Band play at the RFK Stadium in this one-day fiesta.

It also features an Education Pavilion, Vendor Fair, and Experience Zones which can be easily accessed. It’s one hell of a festival in Washington that you don’t want to miss!

Hash Bash


Ann Arbor doesn’t want to be left behind too! The city’s annual Hash Bash has been around since 1971, and back then marijuana wasn’t even legal. Ann Arbor is known to be one of America’s liberated cities, which makes the event even more interesting and fun. The only problem is that it’s held at the University of Michigan, and the school doesn’t allow pot possession on campus. But you can always possess pot outside the school!


High Times Cannabis Cup So-Cal

This fun festival that runs from April 21-23 is conducted at the California Orange Showgrounds in the commercial city of San Bernardino. At the entrance, you’ll be asked to show your identification card and proof of age. That’s to avoid minors (18 years old and younger) from entering the showground. However, medical marijuana patients under 18 years of age are allowed to proceed to designated spots for patients with a medical cannabis card. In this festival, you can’t bring pets, alcohol, weapons, and skateboards. But who cares? You’re allowed to carry legally allowed amounts of weed anyway!

How To Entertain Yourself With Saws


Let’s face it. For some people, saws are only great for when you need to cut something down for that project of yours at work. But you know what? There’s more to saws than what it seems to be as these power tools are also great for when you need to keep yourself healthier than usual from the outside by making you flex your muscles like no other – and yes, just as you would when you’re running out and in as part of your daily exercise routine.

Let’s face it as well. For other people, saws are only great for when you want to trim something up for that project of yours at home. And you know what? There’s even more to saws than what it seems to be as these power equipments are also great for when you want to keep yourself fitter from the inside by making you fuel your nerves like never before – and yes again, just as you would when you’re breathing in and out as part of your daily exercise routine.

But the best part, though?

You can always entertain yourself with saws, especially with those you can find on sawingpros.

And ladies and gentlemen, here’s how:

Get more creative with it!

Indeed, saws are not only great for when you need to cut something down for that project of yours at work. And indeed, saws are not only great for when you need to keep yourself healthier than usual from the outside. Saws are also great for when you’re looking to get more creative – thanks to a saw’s natural ability to make things easier for you, especially when it comes to using a chainsaw to carve out a beautiful horse statue for your office’s front porch.

Because indeed, there’s more to saws than what it seems to be.

And the best part, though?

You can always entertain yourself more with saws, even with those you can find on the same link mentioned above.

And once again ladies and gentlemen, here’s how:

Get more innovative with it!

Indeed, saws are not only great for when you need to trim something up for that project of yours at home. And indeed, saws are not only great for when you need to keep yourself fitter than usual from the inside. Saws are also great for when you’re looking to get more innovative – thanks to a saw’s natural ability to make things more convenient for you, even when it comes to using a handsaw to sculpt out a wonderful bird mural for your house’s back patio.

Because indeed, there’s even more to saws than what it seems to be.

Top 5 Uses of an Oscillating Tool


Originally invented in the sixties to get rid of plaster casts from broken limbs safely and fast, this tool has been used for woodworking for the first time during the nineties.

Nowadays, this handyman tool is one of the most regarded power tools because of its versatility. Its accessories vary depending on whether you’ll cut, grind, scrape, polish, or sand. The oscillating tool can even slice through different materials including plastic, metal, fiberglass, drywall, wood, mortar, and cement.

The next section will tackle the most popular uses of this tool.

Top 5 Uses

Make flush cuts in drywall, wood, and metal

This tool can cut wood, drywall, and metal easily with a half-moon blade. You’ll even be in awe of how well and easy the cut is. Because of the increased surface area of the blade, you can hold the tool straight to a line while making a cut.

Prepare the floor

Installing a new floor? No problem! The flush-cutting blade on your oscillating tool can slice through the doorjambs quickly! Using a scrap of flooring as a guide, this tool can create straight and clean cuts to help you place the new flooring quicker.

Cut pipes

If you use the right blade, you can even cut through plastic, copper, and old galvanized metal pipes with this versatile tool! It’s even possible for you to operate in narrow spaces like the inner parts of cabinets, under the floors, behind walls, and in ceilings. Thanks to the compact design of this tool and the adjustable blade that can work in various angles!

Sand wood

Oscillating tools can be used to smoothen wood and wood fillers as long as they are used with the appropriate sanding attachment. They can even clear up overcoat finishes. What you’ll love about the accessories is that they can accept hook-and-loop abrasives, which make it easier for you to change the sandpaper once it’s overused.

A large triangular-shaped pad is the most famous smoothing accessory. It’s efficient in sanding flat and wide surfaces. Of course, there are also narrow and pointed sanding accessories to help you smooth tight cracks and corners.

Remove old paint

An oscillating tool can also be used to get rid of loose and bulging paint. All you have to do is fix a steel scraper blade to your multitool. After removing the paint, you can use a sanding pad to smooth the wood or metal below. When you sand, remember to use a rough-grit abrasive first, then switch gradually to finer ones until you attain the level of smoothness you want. Clearly, this tool can do much more than you think.

If you don’t own an oscillating tool yet, I suggest you check out the top picks on the market today before you purchase one.

Why You Should Go To Festivals More Often

music festival

Festivals can be truly exciting.

The idea of seeing things you’ve just seen from online pictures might become something you’ll want to see over and over again like scenic views down by the river bank. The idea of experiencing things you’ve just heard from other people might also become something you’ll need to experience over and over again like meeting new folks up by the pit area.

Even more so, going to festivals will not just make you see things you’ve never seen before or experiencing things you’ve never experienced before; hence, a few reasons why you should go to festivals more often:

It will make you realize how wonderful a country truly is.

Be it a music festival in London or a beer festival in Scotland, festivals will make you realize how wonderful a country truly is – from the moment you learn about its rich history to the moment you know more about its vibrant culture. You will also realize how wonderful a country truly is when it comes to places (where you’ll understand why you’re somewhere you’ve never imagined going to before) and people (where you’ll appreciate why you’re with someone you’ve never imagined going with before), and even with things such as those found on https://weldingchamps.com/best-welding-helmet/.

BONUS: It will also make you realize who you truly are. It will even make you realize who you truly want to be. Even more so, it will make you realize how wonderful people can truly be.

As mentioned before, going to festivals will not just make you see things you’ve never seen before or experiencing things you’ve never experienced before. It will also make you realize who you truly are, as you learn about a place’s rich history and know more about its culture. It will even make you realize who you truly want to be, as you understand why you’re somewhere you’ve never imagined going to before and appreciate why you’re with someone you’ve never imagined going with before. Even more so, going to festivals will make you realize how wonderful people can truly be – just like yourself, as you continue to explore what a place can truly offer while enjoying what they currently have in store for you.

How about you? Why do you think you should go to festivals more often? Why do you think a person should go to festivals more often?

Share your thoughts with us below!

Remember These When You’re In A Festival


Whether you’re going to a large music festival or a small town festival, it doesn’t hurt to be fully prepared.

Remember these when you’re in a festival:

Pack lightly.

Festivals are usually packed when it comes to tourists, as well as packed when it comes to spaces; hence, the need for you to pack lightly. This is for you to move freely around, despite the crowd of tourists; and for you to not get tired easily, despite the crowd in spaces. Only pack what you need like a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, as well as a spotting scope (check this out when buying a spotting scope) to keep yourself habituated throughout the event.

Don’t push yourself.

And by this, it means pushing yourself to come up front. Some festivals go with a first come, first serve principle. If you keep pushing yourself to come first, you will only make a commotion with those who are already there. If you also keep pushing yourself to come first, you will only make bigger commotions with those who are having trouble there. You don’t want to be caught in a fistfight, as well as involved in a stampede, do you?

Clean as you go.

Just like in any other events, one should make it a point to clean up before leaving the venue. And no, it doesn’t mean you should clean up the entire place after the festival. But yes, it means you should clean up your own waste after the festival. This isn’t to stop yourself from getting charged over environmental law violations a place might have for non-locals, but to set an example for other festival goers – both locals and non-locals – on the importance of keeping the surroundings clean for everyone.

Most of all, have fun.

Festivals are meant to make people from all walks of life come together as one family. Festivals are also meant to unite people from all corners of the world in one event. Most of all, festivals are meant for people from all walks of life and for people from all corners of the world to have fun like no other. Smile and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Sing and dance like never before. And once more, have fun like no other.

Do you have any other tips and ideas when in a festival? Let us know in the comments section below!


9 Physical Benefits of Playing Sports

Want to attend the sports festivals in the UK? How could you if you’re not fit? Start preparing for the festival by playing sports and working out now! Aside from the fact that you can meet new people in festivals, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and be healthier too! Find out the benefits of playing sports below.

  1. Tones Muscles

When you play sports, your muscles have no choice but to stretch themselves as far as they can. In time, your muscles will gain the shape and form you’ve always wanted and make your body stronger. If you want a bod that shows off toned muscles, you better start playing sports now!

  1. Lowers high blood pressure

High blood pressure a.k.a. Hypertension can result in heart disease or stroke. If you play sports, that means you’re physically active, and if you are, your risk of having hypertension is lowered.

  1. Reduces cholesterol levels

FootballNot only does playing sports reduce hypertension, but it also lowers the levels of your bad cholesterol, keeping your good cholesterol at a higher level. Athletes get rid of bad cholesterol when they warm up and work out, that’s why they are healthier than those who are inactive.

  1. Strengthens heart

Playing sports and staying fit can help work out your body, especially the heart. For instance, if you’re a tennis player, your running and other actions in the court will strengthen your heart by pumping more blood throughout the body. It may thump louder than usual, but that’s the indication of a healthy heart.

  1. Improves blood circulation

Because your heart functions properly, it can help in the flow of blood, keeping the body oxygenated. When you play sports, the amount of hemoglobin, as well as the volume of blood, will increase, preventing you from becoming weak.

  1. Decreases your chances of obesity

KayakingA lot of people deal with obesity nowadays, and it’s widely known that playing sports is an effective solution. When you are performing an intense physical activity, your body will burn excess calories, shedding all those unwanted fats from your body. This is why athletes are naturally fit and lean.

  1. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

Being physically active will help your insulin do its task better, reducing your chances of having type 2 diabetes.

  1. Strengthens bones

Playing sports can also keep your bones healthy by maintaining your bone density and strength. Most people who suffer from osteoporosis weren’t active during their younger days. Avoid bone-related diseases now and start playing!

  1. Strengthens immunity

Lastly, regular exercise and physical activity can help strengthen the immunity, keeping the body far from viral diseases. People who play sports allow their white blood cells to reach each part of their body. When you sweat, you eliminate toxins and lessen the chances of bacterial growth.

What are you waiting for? Check out the products of TheFitnessPlanet and start staying fit!

Ealing Jazz Festival

Revealed: The Best Food and Drinks to Bring to a Festival

Festivals are fun—you get to meet new people, try something new, enjoy the music, and eat a lot! Speaking of which, there’s no doubt that most stalls sell expensive food and drinks–heck, even a bottle of water can be costly! We can’t blame the stalls for selling overpriced food, though, especially since festivals don’t happen every week and their edibles and refreshments are usually unique.

Now, what if you’re almost broke, but you still want to attend a festival? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you, and that’s to…

Bring your own food!

You’ve read it right. Don’t think of it as a burden; deem it as a way to convenience and practicality! Plus, doing so will enable you to save!

Ealing Jazz FestivalYou don’t have to carry a lot of heavy food or quick-to-rot food. All you have to do is select the right type of food and drinks to keep you nourished and give you the energy you need! Of course, before you pack, check if the festival allows outside food to be brought in during the festival. Otherwise, you have three choices: a) don’t attend the festival, b) attend but don’t spend more than half of the money in your wallet, or c) attend but starve.

Remember to keep your food and drinks in a cool bag or box, and separate the food that has liquids.

Ready for the big reveal? Here we go!

  • Energy Bar Snack Beans – Beans in easy-to-pull cans are perfect to bring because they’re handy and cheap!
  • Cereal, Chocolate, and Energy Bars – They’re light, cheap, and are great sources of sugar, which gives the body energy. Bring them in packs!
  • Crackers – Crackers come with different toppings, giving you a plethora of choices. They’re also light and tasty, making them ideal to bring to a festival.
  • Dried fruits – Healthy and yummy! What more can I say?
  • Homemade cakes – Pack these in Tupperware or foil.
  • Homemade juice – Make your own juice at home and indulge in a healthful and refreshing beverage! Juicing has tons of benefits, read more here!

Cold Pressed Juice

  • Meat – Cook them on a barbecue on the first day.
  • Nuts – They are not only good for the heart, but their flavors also vary and they’re excellent for sharing.
  • Spaghetti – Get energized with noodles. People say they give long life (so you can attend more festivals).
  • Spreads – Pack on-the-go peanut-butters and jams—you’ll never know when they can be handy.
  • Water – Bring your own plastic bottle of water. You’ll be surprised by how expensive they can be in festivals!

Reminder: Don’t bring water glasses to a festival; they can lead to injuries once broken. You wouldn’t want to leave the festival with bottle scars, would you?

What You Should Bring On A Festival

coachella valley music and arts festival

Whether you’re going on Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California or Rio Carnival in Brazil, it never hurts to be fully prepared.

Here’s what you should bring on a festival:

A Light Backpack

The reasons for this are quite simple. One, it’s for you to move freely. Two, it’s for you to not get tired easily. This allows you to not only fully see what the festival has to offer, but also to fully experience what the festival has in store for you. This also enables you to go all over the place conveniently – where you don’t need to think about your bag not permitted in due to specific rules on allowed things to bring.

A Blanket

Festivals are usually held in open spaces; meaning, there won’t be any chairs or any tables – unless you’re staying in a VIP section or in a food booth. Thus, you should bring a blanket. This allows you to rest comfortably on any space within the open field, as well as enables you to rest comfortably any time you want and anywhere you want.

A Water Bottle

Festivals are also usually held in crowded places; meaning, there won’t be that much space for you to take a good rest unless you’re staying outside the pit area. Thus, you should bring a water bottle. This allows you to keep up with all those energy around you, as well as enables you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

A Snack

Bringing a snack – or better yet, a homemade snack that you can make via a bread machine like those seen on breadmachineworld – on a festival will not just help you save up on costs, but also enables you to keep yourself invigorated throughout the day. Even more so, you will enjoy the festival more – where you don’t need to get outside of the pit area often just to buy something to eat.

Indeed, it never hurts to be fully prepared. Even if you’re just going on a small town festival, bringing a light backpack and a blanket, as well as a water bottle and a snack, is a must. What’s more, these must-haves can also be applied when you’re going camping in a deep forest or going hiking on a steep mountain.

Do you have any other tips and ideas when going on a festival? Let us know in the comments section below!


Top Things to Bring When You Go To A Festival

What comes to your mind when you hear the word festival? Enjoyment and fun! It’s commonly an event of celebration. Have you joined a festival before? If no, then you are missing something huge!

Festivals could take days and weeks. Necessary items are required to bring to make the most of the festival experience. To find out what you should bring, let’s proceed and go ahead!


As I have said previously, festivals could take days and even weeks. You need a backpack to store important items. Remember to avoid packing it with unnecessary items. This will leave more space for more necessary things.

Bring a Tent or a Sleeping bag

Here’s one of the most important stuff you should bring with you.  For more comfort, pick a lighter tent or mattresses. You can also carry a pillow along with the tent to make sleeping and resting more comfortable.

Wear the Appropriate Clothes

Looking too fancy isn’t a good idea especially during festivals. Your foot isn’t safe with the heavy and loud crowd. Bring a durable shoe that will protect your foot.

In addition, be ready and prepare a raincoat or umbrella in case of unexpected rain. You can wear anything that you are comfortable with but consider the weather conditions also.

Bring the Party With You

A festival isn’t complete without the booze! As much as possible bring an empty bottle with you. Well, some festival offers free bottles and cups.

But bringing your own bottle is safer than the free ones at the festival. In addition, don’t bring a glass bottle to avoid possible injuries.

Pack all these things up and you’re good to go! Festivals are fun, but it would be more enjoyable if you are prepared. Don’t forget about the environment while having fun. Always clean your surroundings when leaving. Check out the Nespresso Recycling Program to learn more on how you can save our nature by going to your local coffee shop.

Spectacular Festivals From Around the World

There are many popular and unique festivals across the globe worth seeing at least once in your travels. These celebrations are tourist attractions in their own right. They manage to draw thousands of crowds who come mainly to experience the revelries. If you are looking for some of the most awe-inspiring festivals from around the world, you can start with the following:

Burning Man, USA


Burning Man is dubbed as an “experiment in community and art” (Wikipedia) that draws thousands of people to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It is there that the said experimental community is temporarily set up for the event. The festival is a hub for arts, performances, and interactive experiences that immerse participants into the creative vibe.

Día de Muertos, Mexico


If you think Day of the Dead is scary, think again. In Mexico, Día de Muertos or Day of the Day is a festival the likes of which can’t be seen in many parts of the world. It is usually celebrated on the first and second day of November. It is a time when people gather with their families to honor their dearly departed. The festive atmosphere is highlighted by vivid costumes, images of skulls and skeletons, scary looking but scrumptious foods, and celebrations not just in cemeteries but also in streets.

Glastonbury, UK


Glastonbury Festival is a big event that spans five days. It is an extravaganza of contemporary performing arts that takes place in Somerset. While popular for music, the event also showcases a wide array of performances such as comedy, dance, and theatre among many others. This outdoor festival draws has been known to attract 175,000 attendees to date.

La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina is a spectacular celebration in Buñol, Spain. As the name suggests, thousands who gather to participate in this event end up playing with approximately over a hundred kilograms of tomatoes dumped by several trucks at the venue. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun by diving into the mounds of tomatoes and throw them at other participants.

Oktoberfest, Germany


Oktoberfest deserves a spot in your itinerary if you are in Munich, Germany towards the end of September to the first week of October. Millions of people actually travel to the city to experience the festival. This sixteen-day event is a great time to celebrate a love for the best tasting beer in a country famous for its finest brews.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil


The Carnaval is a world-renowned event that draws locals and tourists by the thousands in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. It is colorful, fun, and exciting. Expect breathtaking floats and costumes that add to the atmosphere of revelry that pervades the festival.